Founded in 1999, the Old Granada Village Business Improvement District ("BID") is committed to enhancing and promoting the businesses and properties within the "Old Granada Village".


Our Mission

The Granada Hills Improvement Association is the governing organization that oversees, manages and directs the activities and services of the "Old Granada Village Business Improvement District" (more commonly known as the Granada Hills BID) in Granada Hills, California. The BID consists of the commercial properties along Chatsworth Street between Lindley Avenue on the west to Encino Avenue on the east as well as north/south extensions of all cross-streets (Zelzah, Yarmouth, White Oak & Shoshone.) The BID is governed by a Board of Directors with its activities and services managed by an Executive Director. The BID is within Councilmember Mitch Englander’s district.

The Granada Hills BID has truly transformed Chatsworth Street! We are grateful for their efforts!
— Mary C.

What We've Achieved               Services

  • Iconic Town Clock

  • Landscaped Medians

  • White Oak Parkways Project

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Contributor

  • Benches and Litter Receptacles

  • Annual Tree Trimming

  • Sidewalk Sweeping and Pressure Washing

  • Litter Receptacle and Trash Removal

  • Landscape Maintenance

  • Image Enhancement and Marketing

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